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The MetroBlock Building System (MBS)

The development of smart cities and efficient infrastructure is key to economic growth and social development in countries around the world. Nigeria is no different and faces growing demand for affordable housing, with a growing housing deficit nationwide.

In order to tackle this crisis, innovative solutions must be developed to make use of indigenous building innovations, materials and modern technology. Gridlock Analytica, a Nigerian based real estate and construction firm, has developed an innovative solution that uses indigenous technology, local materials and labor to create affordable homes. The company’s flagship Metroblock Building System (MBS) and it's Supalink 9 and 6 inch blocks have been designed to provide a rapid and cost-effective solution to the housing deficit in Nigeria.

The Metroblock Building System uses a combination of traditional Nigerian stonedust-cement blocks and mortarless construction techniques to create homes that are strong, durable, and affordable. With this process of dry stacking which uses 30% percent water and is 50% faster, one square meter of block walling can be easily done in 10 minutes.

The system is also optimized with service channels for insertion of reinforcements, water, electrical and plumbing pipes, making it easier and faster to build homes.

It's excellent thermal and acoustic properties make it ideal for use in different regions and climates. The blocks are easy to assemble, enabling the construction of a home in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional methods.

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