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Supalink 9 and 6 inch blocks.

Gridlock Analytica has also developed Supalink, a re-imagined interlocking variant of the traditionally popular 9 and 6 inch block.

It that can be used to build walls with 30% less the amount of mortar required.

The blocks are designed to interlock effortlessly, creating a strong, rigid structure that is much more stable than walls created with traditional 9 and 6 inch blocks.

The combination of traditional indigenous technology and modern science has enabled Gridlock Analytica to create an efficient, cost-effective solution to Nigeria’s housing deficit. The Metroblock Building System and Supalink Block provide a quick and easy solution for building homes that are strong, durable, and affordable. This innovative solution not only helps to address the housing deficit in Nigeria, but also creates jobs, stimulates the economy, and improves the quality of life for all Nigerians.

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