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The way we build is changing!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Rapid urbanization across the globe presents a unique opportunity to innovate and create more efficient ways to improve global housing stock and quality and improve the living conditions of billions. In Africa the challenge hasn't been lack of opportunities but the absence of resources. However trends in recent years show the resolve of governments and stakeholders in the sector to take the bull the by horns.

1.2billion urban dwellers in Africa by 2050.

These are scary figures. But Africa, a continent with the highest urbanization, rate on the planet is blessed with a young and vibrant population. Economic growth outlook is strong with national economies showing resilience and healthy indices for a "covid-era" world. The combination of this duo translates to a positive projection overall for the continent with the housing construction sector playing a major role, as expected.

Technology and innovation to the rescue!

Technology is changing how we live and do things. Recently the housing construction sector has seen an increasing use of technology, automation leading to high levels of predictability and modulation. These trends have have not only assured us that the global housing deficit can be bridged but that it can also be done efficiently and at a lot lesser cost. From 3d printing, shuttering systems, prefabbing to 3-tier locking blocks, the list just keeps growing.

David Audu (Architect)

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